Lion Rocker Connect – July 2021

This month’s newsletter, we are going to explore the physiotherapy management and treatment for one of the most common foot pathologies, plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fascia is a structure running from your heel and spreads into each toe muscle. It transfers stored energy from the Achilles tendon and allows smooth and fast propelling force, ie. when we are walking or running. It also plays part of the role of shock absorption in weight bearing tasks.

Patients usually complain of heel pain, big toe tenderness, tightness or pulling whilst walking, possible burning sensation running from heel to base of big toe after a long period of walking.

Common management procedures include either referring patients to physiotherapist. Treatment can also include:

  • Shockwave
  • Rocktape
  • Dry needling
  • Change of footwear
  • Assessment of optimal foot arch
  • Therapeutic ultrasound

However, another frequent differential diagnosis is, referring to leg pattern from a chronic or known lower back pain.

The heel and big toe are innervated by L5-S1 nerve root. As a result, if there is any increase of lower back joint stiffness or tenderness, it could potentially present similar symptoms as plantar fasciitis. In those circumstances, we can test with nerve glide assessment to confirm.

Therefore, at Lion Rocker Physio + Pilates (Nicholson Road Physio), we strive to assess thoroughly in our initial appointment to diagnose appropriately.

If required, we will also refer patients for imaging to confirm diagnosis and the degree of inflammation of plantar fascia, so we can tailor the most suited treatment plan for our patients.

Afterwards, we will be constantly reviewing patients’ responses to ensure symptoms are properly treated.

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