Remedial Massage Therapy

At Lion Rocker Physio and Pilates, we offer highly trained Remedial Massage Therapy services. Our remedial massage therapist can treat your aches and pains with a variety of massage techniques.

What we offer :
    • Relaxation massage
    • Pregnancy massage
    • Myofasicial release
    • Soft and deep tissue therapy
    • Lymphatic massage
    • Sports massage
    • Trigger point therapy

List of Clinics


How long is a remedial massage appointment

A remedial massage appointment is 60 minutes.

Can I choose my appointment time

Yes, you surely can. Pick a date and time that suits you. We have appointments from Monday to Saturday morning to evening.

Do we accept private health insurance

Yes, we accept all private health insurance.

Do I need a referral

No, you do not need a referral. Our team of experienced remedial massage therapists will assist you from diagnosis to treatment.

How much is an appointment
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