Clinical Pilates/Physio Exercise

Clinical Pilates is an amazing exercise that focuses on posture, balance, control, strength and flexibility. It improves your pain and aches, helps with weight loss and strengthens your whole body.

Type of Clinical Pilates we provide

    • Mat work Clinical Pilates
    • Reformer Clinical Pilates
    • Wunda chair Clinical Pilates
    • Spine corrector Clinical Pilates

All Clinical Pilates programs are tailored to your needs following a thorough assessment with one of our physiotherapists. You will be using our in-house gyms and Pilates area and supervised by a physiotherapist.

Who should do Clinical Pilates

It is ideal for people who:

    • Want to start living a healthier lifestyle
    • Pilates lovers who are seeking to improve their skills
    • People with chronic pain and want a solution
    • Weight loss
    • Overall body toning and improved body image
    • Mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth
    • People who is looking to exercise while minimising the risk of injury

Clinical Pilates at Lion Rocker

At Lion Rocker Physio and Pilates, we want to provide an affordable solution to help more people commit to health and lifestyle. Therefore, we created stayFIT membership.

stayFIT is a membership program where members enjoy discounted Pilates, Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage Therapy services across all our clinics. With the discount, 98% of our members don’t pay any out-of-pocket fee thanks to private health insurance.

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