Sports Injury

Our physiotherapist can take you through the prevention and management of injuries resulting from sport and exercise participation at all ages and at all levels of ability.

We provide evidence-based advice on safe participation in sports and exercises. Furthermore, we promote an active lifestyle to aid individuals in improving and maintaining their quality of life. We also help athletes of all ages and all levels of ability to enhance their performances.

Our physiotherapy can help you with your sport injury and performance enhancement

Acute injury: We treat your new sports injuries such as ankle sprain, cocky, ACL injury, acute back strain, shoulder dislocation, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, whiplash and more.

Rehabilitation: If you have an ongoing issue that is stopping you from performing 100%, or if you are recovering from an injury and then going back to the sports you like, we implement evidence-based intervention to help you return to your pre-injury level.

Help you becoming a better version

Performance enhancement: We work with you to identify your weaknesses and improve them. It is important to keep evaluating your performance by standardized test with our highly qualified physiotherapist to tract your success. We also develop training program with you to help you achieve your goals.

Injury prevention: Injury is the biggest joy killer and it could mean the end of a sports-person career. A lot of the times, we are unsure we did wrong before an injury. So, we are here tell you what you should and shouldn’t do before the worst nightmare. We also work together with you by physiotherapy treatment and exercises to minimze the risk of injury.

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