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$50 per month

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    • Pay month to month
    • Exit whenever you want

$30 per month


    • Charge per month
    • Commitment to yourself for 1 year
    • Pay upfront for 1 year for $25 /month

Free membership

with FitMUM
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Referral program

You can earn up to $30 cash voucher (meaning 1x free Pilates session) for each eligible referral.
There is no limit to referral, which means if you refer 10 people, you can get $300.

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Experience the wonder of StayFIT Pilates with our 3 week trial
    • 3 x 40-minute StayFIT sessions to be used in 3 months from purchase date
    • Introductory goals and health consult with one of our highly trained team members

What will I get

Pilates and Exercise + Physio Bundle

    • Use your private health fund extra cover
    • 98% of our members pay nothing for Pilates class
    • Small Pilates class size, up to 3 people
    • Initial Pilates Assessment waived
    • Physio only. NO instructor, NO exercise physiologist, NO trainer.
    • Back you up with 30% off physiotherapy consultation to
    • Up to $30 cash voucher for unlimited eligible referrals

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