Physiotherapy is covered under Medicare, but you have to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible.

Within Medicare, physiotherapy services is covered by Chronic Disease Management Plan written up by your GP. When your condition is deemed chronic, which is by CDMP definition a condition that has been or is expected to be present for at least six months, your GP can write you a referral to physiotherapy under Item 10960.

There is an annual limit of 5 visits under CDMP. It means the first 5 visits to the allied health services, which include physiotherapy.

At Lion Rocker Physiotherapy, we see this program as a government initiative to introduce physiotherapy management targeting chronic musculoskeletal conditions. It is not uncommon that client can benefit from continuous physiotherapy management in the long term. Your physiotherapist will be able to establish a treatment and management plan and discuss with you.

Step by step guide to use Medicare for at Nicholson Road Physiotherapy

  1. Visit your GP and explain to them about your conditions. Request a CDMP referral paperwork to us (Lion Rocker Physio) or your preferred choice of clinic.
  2. We work closely together with doctors at Nicholson Road Medical Group. You can choose to visit them to streamline the referral process.
  3. Book an appointment with us by clicking the BOOK NOW button. Choose Medicare (with GP Chronic Disease Management referral) and organise your first appointment.
  4. Bring your GP referral on the first appointment
  5. After your appointment, we will claim the Medicare benefit for you, so you don’t have to worry about how to get your money back.

What is gap fee?
Gap fee is the portion on top of the medicare entitlement you have, the service provider charges an additional amount to cover the cost of each treatment session. This amount will be the out-of-pocket fee that you pay for the treatment session.

Fortunately, we do things a little bit differently to take care of you. At Lion Rocker Physiotherapy, we give all our members FULLY bulk-billed treatment. It means that there is NO out-of-pocket fee after joining our memberships. Membership is also an alternative option of providing yourself ongoing maintenance care at a more affordable price.

If membership is not as appealing for you, then you can still choose to do the traditional way. This would be $20 gap fee for each appointment.