FitMUM program is designed for mums during and after pregnancy. Stepping into the new page of life, it can be a stressful period especially if you experience physical problems, such as leakage, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Many mums are seeking solutions, hence at Lion Rocker Physio offers the FitMUM program which helps you to carry and raise your baby happily and healthily.

On you first assessment, our specialised physio will assess you situation and plan together with you your treatment and exercise requirement. You will have the opportunity to learn about our amazing fitMUM program how it can benefit you. You will be given a plan to be completed in clinic and also at home to achieve your desire goal, whether it is stay fit, weight loss and treatment for continence issues.

Mothers experience different issues at different stage of pregnancy.

During pregnancy: This is to target mums who are carrying their baby. This involves supervised antenatal exercise conducted by a physiotherapist and therapeutic treatment for painful symptoms. aiming at improving the physical and psychological well being. Exercises during pregnancy also help prevent complications commonly seen during and after pregnancy, such as back pain, night cramps, morning sickness, low energy level and fatigue.

Many mothers are frightened about exercising during pregnancy and it is absolutely reasonable. There are a lot of precautions and risks about doing the wrong thing, which could be harmful to mother and your baby. Therefore, you would like to do the right type of exercises at the right time of the trimester. In FitMUM program, all exercises all supervised and individually prescribed by our highly trained physiotherapist who has special interest in this area. This gives them a peace of mind while staying active during this special time.

After giving birth: This is the time when parents become extremely busy and missing out on self care. However, this can be the most important time for mothers to maintain a healthy lifestyle and do the right type of exercise. Many conditions, such as incontinence, leakage, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented if we tackle the problem early on.


FitMUM is a program which provides care to each and every physical aspect of your health during and after pregnancy. In the beginning of the program, you will be properly assessed by a physiotherapist so we can better understand your situation and provide you with a treatment and exercise plan. This program will include a free session of real time ultrasound, which is a screening tool of pelvic floor functions and reflects the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. This you can access Clinical Pilates inspired exercise which will keep you active and healthy. During the course of pregnancy and even after you give birth, you might experience back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.

FIT MUM program is $60 per week for 12 weeks (total $720) and includes the following:

  • 12 session clinical Pilates inspired exercise. Options of one-on-one or class up to 3 people with no additional cost (value $960)
  • 1x Pelvic Floor Assessment (value $150)
  • One year SrayFIT MEMBERSHIP (value $600)

What can I expect after the program?

You will fall in love with how much the Pilates inspired exercises do to your body. With 12 sessions included in the package, you can experience the magic of exercises. For those participating during pregnancy, you will find yourself much more energised and having less adverse symptoms, like nausea, fatigue and pain. Mother who joins after giving birth, the program will help you reshape your figure, assisting with the recovery of pelvic floor, improving leakage and strengthening of the core muscle. We guarantee you it is not the end of the road after 12 sessions. In fact, there shouldn’t be anything to stop you keeping up your good work. Therefore we give you a free StayFIT membership. This gives you heavily discounted prices, such as $30 Pilates inspired exercise class, $60 physiotherapy treatment and so much more. Click here to see what it is about.

I want to join the program.

I know you are tempted to join right away. Book in you initial appointment with our Women’s Health Specialised Physio!