Lymphoedema Management

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition, which is caused by theaccumulative lymphatic fluid in the body system. Commonpresentation will be causing swelling in the arm or legs or other bodyparts. In severe cases, these can lead to skin and tissue changes,feeling heaviness in limbs, or even difficult to fit in clothing due tochange in sizes.

There are different stages of lymphoedema, ranging between stage1-4. Stages are differentiated by their degree of swelling in the bodyparts. They also refer to the extent of fibrosis formation of thelymphatic vessels.

As lymphoedema is a chronic disease which is very hard to seek full cure. At Nicholson Road Physiotherapy, we focus to maintain swelling control, prevent progression of condition or any infection, and to maintain the achieved improvement.

There are different manual techniques or adjuncts that our physios utilise in the clinics to facilitate optimal lymphoedema management.

This includes manual lymphatic drainage technique, taping/ compression therapy or ultrasound therapy, to assist alternative lymphatic territories circulation.

After that, a home exercise program is essential, which encourages clients to perform regular stretching/ mobility exercises. These will all help in facilitating fluid circulation and prevent uncontrolled swelling.

A systematic review in 2014 has proven that gradual progressed weight training in lymphoedema management, can improve the quality of life, limb strength, and physical components in daily activities, in women who are at risk of lymphoedema.

Lion Rocker Physio & Pilates has been successfully producing self-managed or supervised exercise program, which allows patients to focus on improving their quality of life and maintain their current abilities. This also help prevent depression/anxiety/ psychosocial stress developed in the long term.