The Chronic Disease Management Plan (which was known as Enhanced Primary Care) is a GP services that allows doctors to plan and provide patient’s access to allied health services in order to manage complex and chronic condition. CDMP is under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), which means theses services are covered by using Medicare.

Under the Management Plan, your GP will discuss with you about your problems and refers you to allied health services. Some examples of allied health professional you might be able to access are physiotherapy, occupational therapy, mental health worker, exercise physiology, podiatry and chiropractor. Among the wide range of professional services, physiotherapy is one of the most commonly utilised.

Patient with a chronic medical condition that has been or is likely to be present for six months or longer are eligible for CDMP. Discuss with your GP about your condition and ask them to fill in the paperwork. Lion Rocker Physiotherapy works closely together with Nicholson Road Medical Group, which you will enjoy streamlined treatment and referral process.

At Lion Rocker Physiotherapy, we accept referral under CDMP. Let see how can you use your Medicare entitlement.

Step by step guide to use Medicare for at Nicholson Road Physiotherapy

  1. Visit your GP and explain to them about your conditions. Request a CDMP referral paperwork to us (Lion Rocker Physio) or your preferred choice of clinic.
  2. We work closely together with doctors at Nicholson Road Medical Group. You can choose to visit them to streamline the referral process.
  3. Book an appointment with us by clicking the BOOK NOW button. Choose Medicare (with GP Chronic Disease Management referral) and book your first appointment.
  4. Bring your GP referral on your first appointment
  5. After your appointment, we will claim the Medicare benefit for you, so you don’t have to worry about how to get your money back.

At Lion Rocker Physiotherapy, we charge a very affordable $20 gap fee for each appointment. For no gap-fee option, visit here to join our Memberships.

At Lion Rocker Physiotherapy, we see this program as a government initiative to provide client with chronic health conditions to be introduced to physiotherapy, hence you can expect to pay a smaller gap amount during the initial period. It is not uncommon that client under this program can benefit from continuous physiotherapy management. Your physiotherapist will be able to establish a treatment plan and discuss with you.