Yes, you can!

When you have private health insurance with Extras cover, you will be covered for physiotherapy. Extras cover is an option of health insurance that covers you health services outside of hospital. It generally covers you services that Medicare doesn’t, such as physiotherapy (not under Chronic Disease Management Plan), dental and optometry.

There are multiple levels of Extras covers. Unlike other services, physiotherapy is considered a basic policy, which means most cheapest extra covers include access to your visit to us!

Some popular private health fund includes


Medibank Private


Lion Rocker Physiotherapy is BUPA Member First Provider. Which means BUPA members 60% to 100% money back. Moreover, kids pay no gap fee until they turn 25 if they are on their parents’ family policies on an eligible product. See the BUPA website for more information.

When you pay with your private health insurance, it generally attracts a gap payment. You will need to pay an out-of-pocket payment every time you visit a healthcare provider. This is one of the main reasons why people don’t complete the whole course of treatment or stop coming to physiotherapy before completely recovering.

This is very frustrating to us as physiotherapists. Therefore, we roll out FIT MUM and STAY FIT programs to reduce or eliminate any required gap payment.

These two programs are not restricted to people with the private health fund. You can earn free treatment or Pilates sessions if you join our memberships and refer your family and friends to us.