Physiotherapist (BSc Physiotherapy, M ClinPhys Continence and Pelvic Health, APAM)

Ping Tay

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Ping Tay graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) in 2018. She has strong interests in men’s and women’s health, which led her to pursue further study in Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Continence and Pelvic Health).

She is capable of performing assessment and carrying out treatment for:

– Pre- and ante natal assessment

– Continence and bladder/bowel dysfunction

– Vaginal and rectal assessment

– Sexual and pelvic pain

– Pelvic organ prolapse

– Mastitis/breast engorgement

– Urinary and bowel incontinence related to surgery, menopause, cough and sports

Here is what she has to say:

“Having been involved in competitive synchronised swimming since young, Ping has had her fair share of injuries associated with competitive training. Her encounters with physiotherapists sparked her interest in physiotherapy and this led her to pursue her studies in physiotherapy at Curtin University. After graduation, she worked in elderly care for 2 years.

Ping developed a special interest in women’s health and hopes to increase people’s awareness of problems related to pregnancy, exercise and sports, as well as the role of physiotherapy in managing these issues. She gains greatest satisfaction in seeing her patients recover and being able to resume their premorbid activities and lifestyle. She is currently doing her Master in Clinical Physiotherapy, specializing in continence and pelvic health.

Ping has a friendly disposition and a buoyant temperament, and is able to interact well with people, both young and old, making her clients feel at ease during treatment sessions. She is bilingual and conversant in English and Mandarin.

After work, Ping enjoys hiking, going to the beach and exploring different food places around Perth.”